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Mobile Phone Service

About Carephone_

Carephone is an official Mobile Repair Center since 2004 with over 75000 repairs in its assets. They cooperate with all the major Mobile Telephony companies in the repair & service of mobile smartphones, providing the best solution for every possible problem.

The challenge_

Our starting goal was to redesign the fairly old website structure, while adding new pages for every single product. Moreover Carephone turned to our agency to optimize their site by checking its search engine friendliness, also solving many technical problems that had piled up over the long website’s history.


The solution_

The SEO Audit of Carephone’s site started in May 2022. A full technical audit of 100+ points was done, which focused on the factors that determine the site's search engine friendliness and its ranking in organic results. We started focusing on the Technical SEO of every page of the website and moved on with the On Page SEO for more than 2500 website pages!

The Results_

increase in YoY clicks
increase in YoY impressions
increase in YoY site CTR
for keyword “iphone service θεσσαλονικη”
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